Classic Jukeboxes

The word “jukebox” originates from 1940s America. It likely comes from the phrase “juke joint”, meaning rowdy or disorderly. People would refer to pla … Read More

Early Models

The origins of jukeboxes can be traced back to coin-operated music machines and pianos of the 19th century. Automated pianos were able to play without … Read More

Use In Pubs

Jukeboxes are not just a fun novelty item. They are also a useful commercial product that helps business owners attain extra profits. In the UK jukebo … Read More

Digital Jukeboxes

In recent years, digital jukeboxes have become much more popular than their traditional counterparts. These machines can be seen in many establishment … Read More

Jukeboxes as Icons

The jukebox has become an icon of retro music. It tends to bring back memories of the nostalgic 1950s. Movies set during this period often feature juk … Read More