Just recently, there has been a big rival of retro music. Events that showcase the music of the 80s are particularly popular, and in recent years these have ranged from discos to three day festivals. So what is the attraction with retro music?

For most people it is the opportunity to bring back memories of their teenage years. Everyone who grew up in the 80s has fond memories of school discos and hearing certain songs will remind you of friends, school and family.

Going to an 80s festival

Festivals are not just for the people who grew up at that time. They help to introduce the music to a whole new audience. It is a good opportunity to get together with your old friends and spend a few days in the sun (or rain!) reliving the memories that the music brings back. You might also get the opportunity to tell a few younger people what it was really like when the music was new.

Most festivals have camping facilities, so spending a day or two in a tent will give you that real festival vibe. Make sure you are aware of any rules that the festival has, such as not taking along alcohol in glass bottles. Some prefer that you do not as broken glass can be a major hazard. There may also be rules about smoking.

If this is the case you can take along nicotine pouches such as snus. This will ensure that you do not crave cigarettes while you are there but still give you that nicotine boost that your body will want. If you have not tried nicotine pouches before then it is worth giving snus a try to see how you like it. Remember that there is a variety of flavours available and it should not take long to find one that you like.

Pack Light

Most festivals will have stalls selling everything you need for your stay there so you don’t necessarily have to pack a lot of stuff to go, but remember the basics just in case. This will include a few changes of clothes, toiletries, food and even snus nicotine pouches if you are going to use them.

In most cases you will be camping far from your car so you will need to remember not to pack anything too heavy as you will need to trek a fair distance with it to reach your camping pitch. The opportunity to listen to the music of your youth will make it all worthwhile though.