Jukeboxes are not just a fun novelty item. They are also a useful commercial product that helps business owners attain extra profits. In the UK jukeboxes are sometimes found in pubs so that customers can pay for songs to play.

They are usually coin-operated. Users will get to choose from a library of tracks. The genres and artists can vary from machine to machine. The owner can pick which ones are available. Older jukeboxes play either vinyl or CDs. Meanwhile newer ones utilise MP3 technology. They may also access the internet to expand the song library.

Jukeboxes can be very lucrative machines for pub owners. Publications such as the Telegraph have pointed this fact out. Music usually plays in the background of these establishments. Patrons can choose the songs and affect the overall atmosphere of the pub, keeping them happy. The fact that they are paying for this service is great from the owner’s point of view.

One downside to this system is that on busy days there will be a long list of songs waiting to play. A customer may pay for a track and not hear it till much later.