There is no doubting that the genre of rock and roll music has never gone away and remains as popular as ever. You don’t even need to have lived through that era to enjoy the fashion and the music. So many youngsters are discovering the delights of Elvis Presley and other rock and roll icons. Despite the rise of streaming music, there is no better way to listen to the 50’s sound than on the vinyl of that time.

Setting up a Jukebox Room

If you are lucky enough to find an original jukebox dating back to the 50s, then it would make a great centrepiece in a room dedicated to music. When looking for inspiration on what to add as decor, you can watch old movies. Grease is a good example, starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. It features iconic characters such as the Pink Ladies. In recognition of their importance, you could purchase a pink rug and place it in front of the jukebox.

Colours and Styles of the 50s

Your jukebox room should look as authentic as possible and reflect the colours and styles of the rock and roll period in its heyday. The use of plastic was just becoming popular at this time, so while you are purchasing your pink rug at Trendcarpet, they have another option that will be particularly eye-catching. Take a look at their range of plastic mats in different colours. You could perhaps place one under the jukebox as an excellent design feature.

Dressing the Part

When listening to rock and roll, it would be great fun to dress up in appropriate clothing. Women could wear circle skirts and pop their hair in a ponytail. This will be a great look when jiving on the pink rug. Men can take their inspiration from the Teddy Boys of the 50s and opt for drape jackets and drainpipe trousers. Charity shops are a great place to buy authentic vintage clothing from the rock and roll era. Your jukebox room will be the star attraction and the perfect venue for parties.