Jukeboxes are previous generation music playing devices which in the modern-day exhibit an attractive vintage style. Despite being termed old fashioned, people buy jukeboxes to date. With most people going for stereo systems and speakers, you can get yourself a jukebox and still get entertained. The best retro jukeboxes in the market today are:

Pyle PJUB25BT Bluetooth Jukebox

This is a classic jukebox that incorporates both modern and nostalgic designs. When in use, this top device displays an eye-catching colour scheme. This jukebox is suitable for less spacious rooms due to its compact dimensions. The 12.5 by 8.75 by 18.5 inches jukebox is Bluetooth enabled, has an SD card and USB port and an AM/FM radio.

Crosley CR1120A-SI Diner Mini Jukebox

The Crosley Cr1120A music player has a striking vintage design blended with top modern features. The jukebox has a coin insert at the top and it shows the available songs on the flip cards just like back in the days. Modern features integrated into this jukebox include Bluetooth and a USB port. You can also listen to FM radio channels using this model.

Victrola Nostalgic Wood Countertop Jukebox

This classic jukebox designed like the 1950s jukeboxes has a variety of connectivity options. You can connect it to any Bluetooth enabled device, through a 3.5mm AUX cable or even insert a CD. It has a good appearance with its five colours. The jukebox is convenient because of its small manageable size.

Mini Tabletop Retro Jukebox Wireless Wood Sound System

This is a modern jukebox that brings a classy vintage appearance wherever you place it. It is a small sized jukebox that can fit almost anywhere in a house. It has a variety of wireless connectivity options you can use to connect to your phone and enjoy nice music. This jukebox can entertain both at home and even at parties.