Listening to music is a passive activity that you do while relaxing or even when doing a certain job. There are several creators of music some of which do it as individual projects while others are in groups known as bands. Bands mostly perform their original songs but at times they also perform music created by others. Band performances mostly rely on the use of instruments, but it the use of computers and laptop are very common nowadays. It is easier today to find cheaper tools for making music, for example Apple have refurbished products in the UK that it will save you a lot of money.

Some bands not to miss in the UK include:

Another Sky

This is a new music band based in London. They got a good reception from music fans after their debut album called Forget Yourself. They also released a hit single known as Avalanche which has helped them to gain fame. Their main vocalist Catrin Vincent has contributed greatly to the success of their single. This year, the group is scheduled to perform at the SXSW for their initial American live shows.

Black Midi

Black Midi is a music band that has specialized in rock music and it is under the record label known as Rough Trade Records. It is composed of four members namely Geordie Greep, Matt Kwasniewski-Kevin, Cameron Picton and Morgan Simpson. They have an album released in June 2019 called Schlagenheim and it was their debut album. The songs from this album have had great acclaim from rock fans in the UK and abroad. They have been key names in searches for live streaming.


Among the music groups in the United Kingdom, Fur is a major outfit. It is a band from Brighton that is composed of four people and they major in pop songs with a toe-tapping beat. Up to date, the Brighton based group has released six singles. They also have albums such as Image on the Reverse released in 2012 and Devastate the Details launched in 2010.

Indoor Pets

The music band is comprised of three members namely Oliver Nunn, James Simpson, and Rob Simpson. You can find some of their projects on platforms such as YouTube, Deezer, and TuneIn. Their projects include singles and also albums. They have several singles and albums with their latest in 2019 called Be Content.

The Ninth Wave

The music band has been active since 2014 and since then, they have made huge strides in the music scene by releasing hit songs and also an album called Infancy in 2019. The Ninth Wave is based in Glasgow in Scotland. Their songs are majorly of the pop genre.

Our Girl

Our Girl is a Brighton based music band composed of three people. They have an album named Stranger Today which was their first album. The band was to perform at the 2019 Pickathon festival which was in Oregon.