Back in the early days of retro music, it was widespread for audience members and people in the band to smoke during a performance. The first few decades of the 20th century are an excellent example of this type of activity. It was the emergence of the Jazz Age when iconic stars of the genre were finally given mainstream attention. When people in the modern era look back at footage of these stars, they will notice that a vast number of them are smoking.

Modern Differences

Today there are shows all over the world that seek to replicate the sound and atmosphere of these past performances. There is one main difference. It is no longer permitted to utilise cigarettes in a public venue. This will not be a problem for many patrons as smoking has gone out of fashion. On the other hand, fans of nicotine might struggle to enjoy the retro music show. They could be distracted by the cravings. If this is the case, then the Nordic Spirit products supplied by Haypp will be their ideal option. These items come in discreet pouches so that users can store them in their pockets before placing the Nordic Spirit under their lip. The website supplies pouches of varying strengths and different types of flavours. They may be used to enhance the experience of a retro music show.

Taking a Break

Not all venues will allow people to consume tobacco pouches on their premises. That is a sign of how things have changed since the golden age of jazz. If this is the case, the patron will need to take a break from the music show and utilise the product somewhere else.

Rewards for Performers

It is not just audience members who can benefit from Nordic Spirit. A lot of current retro musicians also continue to enjoy tobacco. After their performance, they can use it to reward themselves. Playing music for extended periods of time is hard work. If the person has something to look forward to, it will help to make the gig worth all of the effort.